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Title: Arranged Love
Rating: PG, depends on chapter
Genre: General/Romance
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo/OC
Disclaimer: None of the characters, other than those you don't recognize, belong to me.
Summary: Kotone Matsuyama is an ordinary high school girl. Unfortunately for her, her mother has already decided her future. Will the nice and calm Kotone be able to live happily with the poison tongued Ryo Nishikido?

Chapter one: The Meeting

Michiru Kiritani looked rather shocked. That was the first thing Kotone thought of when she met her friend at the cafe they frequented. When she picked up the cellphone and arranged the meeting, she carefully kept out the reason why until they met face to face.

When Kotone let the words "arranged marriage" spill from her lips, Michiru just stared openly with her mouth open with nothing to say. Despite it being a rare occasion, Kotone couldn't let herself enjoy her friends silence.

"Why?" Michiru asked. The first thing she had said all day. "It was something my mother and the parents of the guy decided when I was little. Either way, it's atleast six years older then me," Kotone replied.

"And your mother really said you need to have a baby in the next three years?" Michiru's look of shock had yet to change.

"Yeah," Kotone replied, "It was part of the deal."

Kotone sighed and allowed her head head to drop down on her arms. "So, are you going to meet him before the wedding?" Michiru asked quietly. Kotone looked up at her friend with a small smile. "Most likely not," Kotone replied.

"So, are you going to be able to meet him at all before the wedding?" Kotone simply shook her head.



After leaving the cafe, Michiru and Kotone went their seperate ways. When Kotone got back to her house, she was surprised to see another car in the driveway behind her mothers'. Curiously, she entered her house and made her way towards her mother in the living room.

"Tadaima," Kotone said as her mother turned to her.

"Okaeri nasai, Kotone. Please have a seat," Mimiko answered. Without arguing, not like she did in a normal circumstance anyway, Kotone took a seat. She looked at her mother wondering what was going on. "Kotone," Mimiko said, "this is the mother of your fiance, Nishikido Emi-san. She wanted to meet you before hand and get your intake on the wedding preparations."

At that, Kotone looked to Mrs. Nishikido. "Kotone-chan, I was wondering if you had any color preferences. My son has chosen black, so you can pick any color you'd like to go with it."


"Oh," Kotone looked at Mrs. Nishikido with a thoughtful look on her face, "I'd like to have the color red at the wedding."

"No problem," Mrs. Nishikido replied, "Also, I'd like to know whether you'd prefer a traditional wedding or a western one. My son prefers a traditional wedding, but it really is meant to be the brides big day."

Kotone looked at her mother before answering, "I think I'd like to have a traditional wedding. Every woman in my family has had one."


"Understood," Mrs. Nishikido replied, "and the last thing I need is your dress size."

"I'm a size four," Kotone replied.



After Mrs. Nishikido left, Kotone retired to her room. Staring up at the ceiling, she wondered what exactly she had gotten into. According to her mother, Mrs. Nishikido and herself had decided to have the wedding in exactly two weeks, one week before school started. One week to learn about her... husband.

What a word.

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