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Title: Arranged Love
Rating: PG, depends on chapter
Genre: General/Romance
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo/OC
Disclaimer: None of the characters, other than those you don't recognize, belong to me.
Summary: Kotone Matsuyama is an ordinary high school girl. Unfortunately for her, her mother has already decided her future. Will the nice and calm Kotone be able to live happily with the poison tongued Ryo Nishikido?

Chapter Two:

Kotone realized, on the day before the wedding, how fast the weeks had passed. Yet, she still knew nothing about her fiancé beyond the fact his mother was kind hearted and talkative. Oh, and he has three siblings, but what kind of knowledge is that. When she told her mother that, Mimiko simply reminded her of the fact she has one week to get to know him; his mother had gotten him off from work for an entire week. When Kotone asked what he did, her mother chose to change the subject.

Now, it's the morning of her wedding. A time that would be happy if she was in love with the man she was marrying. But, of course, she wasn't and she worried she never would fall in love with him. In her house, she meets another Nishikido. This time, of course, it's Ayako Nishikido, her to-be-husband's younger (and beautiful) sister. Ayako is kind, married and has a baby on the way. As they all prepare, it's Ayako that speaks to her. "Kotone-chan, are you worried?"

Kotone doesn't know how to answer that. Was she? Ayako takes her silence for a yes and goes on. "You don't have to be. My brother isn't always kind but he won't force you to do anything you don’t want to do," Ayako gives her a reassuring smile but Kotone barely has time to smile back before her mother and Mrs. Nishikido come rushing in with her wedding kimono. As they finish painting her white, as Mimiko had explained was "meant to show her maiden status to the gods", Ayako helps prepare the accessories to the wedding kimono.

As Ayako and Mrs. Nishikido help Kotone get her wedding kimono on, Mimiko starts preparing her hair supplies. Michiru was to do her hair. As soon as they get the kimono on, the door bell rangs and Mimiko rushes off to get it. Needless to say, they are all ready an hour before the wedding.

Ayako provides the last touches to the wedding kimono by giving Kotone a red uchikake. "This was given to me by my mother when I got married," Ayako explains, "I think it's only suiting that you wear it."

Kotone smiles at her soon to be sister-in-law as they all leave the house and proceed to the shrine. That was when Kotone could feel her nerves bubbling up.

Upon arrival to the shrine, Kotone had realized just how small the wedding would be. On her side, there were only two people. In other words, the only people on her side of the wedding were Michiru and her mother, Mimiko. On the other side, there were six people. His mother, his father, Ayako, Ayako’s husband and his two brothers. It was kind of sad really. She also realized one other thing, her fiancé was Ryo Nishikido. She almost smacked herself for not making the connection earlier. Sitting next to him didn't make her nervous, but the feeling that was already there didn't disappear either. Ryo was at least seven years older than her. The one thing that didn't go as tradition was the nine cups of sake that became nine cups of water for the couple. After all, Kotone was three years too young for that.

But, throughout the ceremony, Kotone realized one thing;

Ryo Nishikido never so much as looked at her.


Michiru had stayed over the night before to help Kotone finish packing her things. They had said their goodbyes just before Mimiko called for her to come downstairs with her things. It was still early in the morning since Mimiko wanted to have breakfast together one last time before Kotone was to move in with her husband.

They ate together, silently. Mimiko had chosen to make a western breakfast that morning. All of the things Kotone liked the most; toast, scrambled eggs with cheese, pancakes and orange juice. Shortly after they finished eating, there was a knock on the door. Silently, Mimiko got up to welcome in Mrs. Nishikido.

Kotone forced a smile and got up to help her mother and her mother in law with the bags she had packed. It only took fifteen minutes to get everything inside Mrs. Nishikido’s car but it took five minutes before Kotone was ready to leave. She looked at her mother before silently hugging her. “Are you sure you have everything you need?” Mimiko asked stepping out of the hug after a moment. Kotone nodded, giving her mother a smile and got in the car.

As the car disappeared down the street, Mimiko wiped a tear from her eye.

“This is for the best, Kotone,” Mimiko whispered before turning and going back into her house. It was silent and empty. Something Mimiko was sure she wouldn’t be able to get used to.

Kotone looked up at the house she would be living in from that moment on. Even from the outside, it looked so much colder than her home.

She wondered if she would ever get used to her new life.
Author’s Note:

1. Sorry the chapter seems so rushed. Can you blame me for wanting to move on to the juicy part?

2. Next chapter includes the oh so fun first day in the Nishikido newlyweds house. (lol)

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